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Our COUPLES Say...

"We couldn't imagine a more perfect venue for our wedding. We started the celebration surrounded by this beautiful farm and danced the night away under the stars.  Olana Farm was a magical place to gather our families and start our life together."  Emily and Caitlin

Gorgeous wedding & reception venue

Interested in a wedding venue with both ocean and mountain views?  We can accommodate weddings with up to 130 guests.  We can also provide organically grown fresh fruit and produce for your caterer to utilize in your reception feast, and a private Ocean View Suite for the happy couple.  We also have massage therapists on-site, so if you would like to include a couple’s massage before/after your event, let us know!   Please contact us to discuss prices and available dates for your event. 

We offer a beautiful venue for your wedding and reception. Additionally we can share resources for wedding coordination, flowers, catering, music and photography. 


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