Our mission

At Olana Farm, we strive to create and nurture a place of abundant beauty where gardens, gardeners, healers, guests and lovers of life can come together to manifest our shared vision.  We honor the natural world through sensitive land stewardship, sustainable living practices, and exploring the healing power of plants and nature. 

In service to this mission we grow an abundance of high quality organic food for the farm residents, visitors, and the Kaua’i community.  Through growing and marketing a wide variety of vegetables, fruits and herbs we are inspired to help people connect with the source and beauty of food and plant allies used for self-healing.    

We are inspired by the art and practice of Ayurveda, a system of self-healing and re-balancing which teaches ways of living that promote and sustain radiant health on all levels: environment, food, body, heart, mind, and soul. 

Olana Farm is a beautiful oasis where visitors can relax, restore and witness ways to live with respect and cooperation between people and the natural world that expresses vibrant health and abundance.

By hosting interns and volunteers through the WWOOF (Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farms) program eager to learn the many aspects of growing, maintaining, and marketing food, we are also growing farmers and gardeners by expanding the wisdom of connecting people to the source of their food. 

In our view, this is a vital act of bringing health and balance back to our families, communities, and world. 

Photos courtesy of C+N CreativeandWanderlust Photography. All rights reserved.


Helping People Experience the Source & Beauty of Food & Wellness

Our Customers Say...

“Sun, liquid sunshine, care, love, dedication = happy delicious veggies and fruits.”   Antoinette