Our volunteers Say...

“Thank you Olana Ohana family for welcoming me into your community over the last 3 months.  I have grown stronger, lost some weight, been bitten by a couple of centipedes, read too many books to mention, learned a model of how a farm can operate from seed to harvest to market, and planted more than 3000 turnips and pok choi.  It’s been such a lovely experience at the farm, and I’m sad to leave my family here and this magical land.  To those who come, remember to grab it by the “nut,” there is always another bean you just can’t see in the camouflage of leaves.” 

~Sprouts, September 2011


We regularly welcome individuals or groups interested in experiencing our farm first hand by volunteering a few hours of work in exchange for fresh fruit and veggies.

There is ample opportunity to experience practical methods of healing the earth and sustainable agriculture in a tropical environment. Regular tasks include planting, weeding, harvesting and much more.

If you are interested in a non-resident internship, please contact Tim O'Connor at olanafarm@gmail.comso we can schedule the best time to come by and help.

Photos courtesy of C+N CreativeandWanderlust Photography. All rights reserved.


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