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Our retreat Guests Say...

“I have been blessed to receive Pancha Karma with Myrica 4 times now. Each time I have experienced profound healing. Myrica brings just what is needed and wanted to the treatment session for me to be deeply nourished without me even having to formulate what that would be.  She not only works miracles with the physical body, but she astutely notices what is imbalanced on the emotional, mental and psychological realms. She shares insights and suggestions to clear old patterns that block us from living our true nature.”  ~Darlene

mandala MEDICINE garden 

In November 2013, we broke ground on our Mandala Medicine Garden.  It is a place to grow our own healing herbs as well a sanctuary of peaceful healing during farm-stays and/or Ayurvedic treatments.  As the garden grows we will have a vibrant garden of Ayurvedic, Hawaiian, and Western traditional herbs used to heal a wide variety of ailments and conditions.