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Our Customers Say...

"Olana Farm is one of the most beautiful and productive places I have ever visited.   The fruits and veggies are always of the highest quality and I know the farmers care for the land with utmost love and respect, using strictly organic practices.  Thank you, Olana folks for supplying Kaua`i with your wonderful organically grown

produce!"  Maren Orion, Kilauea, Hawai`i

About Olana Organic Farm

Olana Organic Farm is a fertile 3-acre permaculture farm dedicated to building sustainable tropical agricultural systems on a human scale.  Since 2001, our team has continually transformed the land from its previous life as a pasture to a productive tropical farm.  We grow many fruits in our tropical orchards both exotic and common varieties, as well as vegetables of all kinds throughout the year.

Located on the beautiful north shore of the Garden Island of Kaua'i, our farm is close to many of the island's favorite locations yet still feels far enough away.  Our rural neighborhood is a few miles from the community of  Kilauea in the Waipake ahupua'a.  We are a short walk from the beach surrounded by beautiful mountains.

We serve our community by selling our produce at the Kilauea Farmer's markets and also by training our interns and volunteers to become farmers and gardeners themselves.